Bulgarian Weightlifters, Petar Mitsin and Josef Miladinov, Set National Records and Overcome Challenges


Petar Mitsin and Josef Miladinov are two Bulgarian weightlifters who have made waves in the international weightlifting community with their impressive accomplishments.

National records set by Mitsin

National records refer to the highest weight lifted in a particular weight category by a weightlifter of a specific nationality. Petar Mitsin holds the national record in three different categories in Bulgaria, including the 96 kg snatch record of 195 kg, 96 kg clean & jerk record of 230 kg, and the 96 kg total record of 425 kg. Setting national records is a significant achievement as it requires hard work, dedication, and skill.

Mitsin’s background and training

Petar Mitsin started his athletic career in powerlifting before transitioning to weightlifting. Over the years, he has undergone intense training in preparation for competitions, which has enabled him to set national records. In an interview, Mitsin talks about how he trains six days a week and follows a strict diet to stay in top shape. He also mentions the importance of mental toughness in weightlifting and how important it is to approach training with the right mindset.

Miladinov’s recent success

Josef Miladinov is a rising star in Bulgarian weightlifting, having won two gold medals at the 2020 European Weightlifting Championships. His success has drawn comparisons to Petar Mitsin, who also made a name for himself in the international weightlifting scene. Miladinov’s recent achievements have put him on track to potentially break Mitsin’s national records in the future.

Challenges faced by Bulgarian weightlifting

Bulgarian weightlifting has faced several challenges in the past, including a period of doping scandals that led to the Bulgarian weightlifting team being banned from the 2016 Olympic Games. The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected weightlifting in Bulgaria, with many competitions being canceled or postponed. While the Bulgarian government has provided support for the sport, the challenges facing Bulgarian weightlifting still persist.


Despite the challenges Bulgarian weightlifting has faced, both Petar Mitsin and Josef Miladinov continue to make strides in the sport. Their achievements have brought attention to Bulgarian weightlifting and have inspired a new generation of weightlifters. As the sport continues to evolve, there is hope for continued success for Bulgarian weightlifters in the future.


1. What is weightlifting?
Weightlifting is an Olympic sport that involves lifting weights in two disciplines: the snatch and the clean and jerk.

2. What are national records?
National records refer to the highest weight lifted in a particular weight category by a weightlifter of a specific nationality.

3. What challenges has Bulgarian weightlifting faced?
Bulgarian weightlifting has faced several challenges, including doping scandals, canceled competitions, and a lack of government support.

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