The Karadzhov Boulder: A Sacred Thracian Sanctuary In The Rhodope Mountains

Nestled amidst the majestic Rhodope Mountains lies a hidden gem of historical and cultural significance – the Karadzhov Boulder. This sacred Thracian sanctuary, resembling two towering stone pillars, stands as a testament to the ancient Thracians’ reverence for their deceased. With its peak reaching an awe-inspiring 1,448 meters high, the Karadzhov Boulder commands attention and…

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Demir Baba Tekke: A Sacred Site In Sboryanovo

Located in the village of Sveshtari within the historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo, Demir Baba Tekke stands as a sacred site of immense historical and cultural importance. This complex, encompassing the Ludogorsko Plateau and the Krapinets river valley, houses ancient settlements, sanctuaries, and necropolises, attracting various tribes and peoples for over 2000 years. Coincidentally,…

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