Uncover The Charms Of Bulgaria: From Mountains To Monasteries

Bulgaria is a country of captivating beauty, like a kaleidoscope of experiences waiting to be explored. From the glimmering cityscape of Sofia to the stunning mountain peaks of Vitosha and the vibrant cultural sites of Koprivshtitsa and Kovachevitsa, Bulgaria is full of attractions and activities that can be experienced. Visitors to the country can take…

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Exploring Plovdiv Through ‘News From Home’: A Collaborative Photo Essay Exhibition

Discover the beauty and complexity of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv through the eyes of its residents in the ‘News From Home – Plovdiv’ project. Created by Dutch artists Jannemarein Renout and MariĆ«lle Videler, the photo essay captures the essence of Plovdiv’s rich history, diverse culture, and unique character. The project celebrates the city and its residents as well as promoting cross-cultural understanding. The exhibition will take place at Plovdiv’s City Art Gallery and will also be available online. Learn more about the project, the residency experience, and its impact and legacy in this article.

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