Exploratory mandate handed to PP-DB’s nominee for Prime Minister in Bulgaria: Challenges and Future Prospects.

Radev Hands Exploratory Mandate to PP-DB’s Nominee for Prime Minister

Bulgaria’s President, Rumen Radev, has given the exploratory mandate to form the next government to Nikolai Denkov, the nominee from the political alliance PP-DB (There is Such a People). This move comes after last week’s parliamentary elections where PP-DB emerged as the second-largest party in the parliament. Xinhua news agency reports that Denkov has 7-days to gather enough support from other political parties in the parliament to form a cabinet or the mandate will be handed to another party or coalition.

What is the PP-DB alliance?

The PP-DB alliance is a new political group, formed in May 2021, by the Bulgarian television personality and singer, Slavi Trifonov. The alliance has taken a position against the traditional political parties in Bulgaria and their perceived corruption. The name of the alliance, “There is Such a People,” comes from the popular catchphrase used by Trifonov on his television program.

What are the challenges facing the PP-DB alliance in forming a government?

The major challenge facing the PP-DB alliance is gathering enough support from other parties in the parliament to form a government. The alliance has stated that it will not form a coalition with either of the two major parties, GERB or BSP, due to their links to corruption and the political elite. This leaves the alliance with the smaller parties in the parliament to form an agreement. Additionally, Bulgaria has a history of unstable governments due to the fragmentation of the political spectrum and their inability to form lasting coalition governments.

What does this mean for Bulgaria and its future?

The political situation in Bulgaria is currently unstable and uncertain. The PP-DB alliance has promised to bring change and a new era of transparency and prosperity for Bulgaria, but their position is precarious without the support of other parties. Additionally, the country is facing economic and social challenges, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and corruption. The next government will have its work cut out for it in addressing these issues and delivering on the promises made to the Bulgarian people.


The handover of the exploratory mandate to PP-DB’s nominee for Prime Minister marks an important development in Bulgaria’s political situation. The PP-DB alliance has promised change and a break from the political elite’s corrupt links, but they will face challenges in forming a government. The next few days will be critical in determining the future of Bulgaria, and the country’s citizens will be watching closely to see how their political leaders respond to the current challenges.

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