Bulgaria’s Potential New Prime Minister Sets Conditions for Continued Talks with WCC-DB

The prospective next Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Mariya Gabriel, has outlined specific conditions for continued talks with the WCC-DB party in an effort to form a new government. While conversations between Gabriel’s GERB-SDS party and WCC-DB have not come to a standstill, Gabriel notes that there must be progress made for talks to continue.

Conditions Must Be Met for Talks to Progress

Gabriel’s conditions for successful talks with WCC-DB include the party’s agreement to certain policies that the GERB-SDS party has advocated for, such as increased support for small businesses and efforts to reduce corruption within the government. Additionally, Gabriel has emphasized that talks must be productive and result in significant progress towards forming a new government.

Conversations Between the Two Parties Remain Active

Despite the conditions set forth by Gabriel, she notes that conversations between GERB-SDS and WCC-DB have not come to a halt. This is encouraging news for those hoping for a resolution to the ongoing political stalemate in Bulgaria. Gabriel also notes that there is still potential for compromise between the two parties, should progress continue to be made in talks.

Potential for Compromise Between GERB-SDS and WCC-DB

While the two parties have their differences, Gabriel remains optimistic that a compromise can be reached in the coming weeks. She notes that the GERB-SDS party is open to considering the opinions and ideas of WCC-DB, as long as they align with the values and goals of the GERB-SDS party.


As talks between GERB-SDS and WCC-DB continue, it remains to be seen whether or not the conditions set forth by Mariya Gabriel will be met. However, the fact that conversations between the two parties have not come to a complete stop is a promising sign for those hoping for a resolution to Bulgaria’s political gridlock. As the situation continues to develop, it will be interesting to see what compromises may be reached in the interest of forming a stable government for the nation.

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