The Barcelonagate Scandal: A Comprehensive Overview of Alleged Money Laundering Scheme Involving Bulgarian Political Party Leader and Chief Prosecutor

The ‘Barcelonagate’ scandal has rocked Bulgarian politics, raising the issue of corruption in Bulgarian society. With the alleged involvement of the GERB leader and multiple businessmen in a money laundering scheme, the scandal has sparked a range of reactions from the public and political opposition. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the scandal, including the background of the GERB leader and Chief Prosecutor, specifics of the scandal, response from the Chief Prosecutor, public reaction, and potential outcomes. The scandal remains a significant event in Bulgarian politics, with long-lasting consequences yet to be seen.

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Transfer of Madlen Deposit Concession to Riolitis to Bring Significant Support to Bulgaria’s Construction Industry: Overview and Plans

Bulgaria’s construction industry is set to receive a significant boost with the transfer of the Madlen deposit concession to Riolitis from Euroslag, approved by the Ministry of Energy. With an estimated reserve of 2.63 million tonnes of marl and 1.75 million tonnes of limestone, this deposit holds potential for the industry, providing a stable supply of high-quality raw materials for construction products. The development of the deposit aims to generate employment opportunities, support local producers, benefitting the local economy, and reducing the industry’s dependence on imports. However, the transfer has also met with opposition from environmental organizations and local communities concerned about the potential environmental impact.

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