The Unique Heritage Of Tutrakan: Exploring The Museum Of Danube Fishing And Boat Building

Nestled along the banks of the enchanting Danube River, the town of Tutrakan boasts a hidden gem that captures the essence of its rich cultural heritage. The Museum of Danube Fishing and Boat Building stands as a testament to the region’s historical significance in the world of fishing and maritime craftsmanship. Stepping into this captivating…

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WindowMaster and Bulgarian Construction Company Partner to Promote Sustainable Building Automation Solutions

Danish company WindowMaster has teamed up with a leading Bulgarian construction company to promote sustainable building automation systems in Bulgaria. In an effort to provide advanced and sustainable building automation solutions to the Bulgarian construction industry, WindowMaster will provide exclusive access to its automated window and ventilation systems. With increased automation, buildings can be made more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly while improving the quality of life for occupants. The partnership is expected to expand to deliver new and innovative automation solutions in the Bulgarian construction industry.

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