Tracking the Rise of Coronavirus Cases in Bulgaria: An Analysis of Factors and Response

The recent spike in coronavirus cases in Bulgaria has put the country’s response to the pandemic under scrutiny. With 77 new cases reported, there are concerns that a second wave of the virus may be underway. In this article, we take a closer look at the situation in Bulgaria, analyzing the factors that may have contributed to the rise in cases, and comparing the country’s response to other nations. We also explore the measures being taken to control the spread of the virus and provide insights into the public’s response to the government’s handling of the pandemic.

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Exploring Plovdiv Through ‘News From Home’: A Collaborative Photo Essay Exhibition

Discover the beauty and complexity of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv through the eyes of its residents in the ‘News From Home – Plovdiv’ project. Created by Dutch artists Jannemarein Renout and MariĆ«lle Videler, the photo essay captures the essence of Plovdiv’s rich history, diverse culture, and unique character. The project celebrates the city and its residents as well as promoting cross-cultural understanding. The exhibition will take place at Plovdiv’s City Art Gallery and will also be available online. Learn more about the project, the residency experience, and its impact and legacy in this article.

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Hristo Botev: The Significance of the Custom Honoring Bulgaria’s National Hero

Uncover the legacy of Hristo Botev, the celebrated poet, journalist and revolutionary, who dedicated his life to the Bulgarian national liberation movement in the late 19th century. Learn about the annual siren ritual on June 2nd, which has become an integral part of Bulgarian culture, highlighting the nation’s historic past, struggles for independence, and the ultimate sacrifice of one of their most iconic figures. Explore how this custom serves to remind Bulgarians of their national identity and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

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